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Dorset Flora Group

Round-leaved Sundew x Great Sundew - Drosera x obovata

Round-leaved Sundew x Great Sundew
Drosera x obovata

Photo: Tim Wilkins

In November 2018 the Dorset Flora Group celebrated its 10th anniversary at Brooklands Farm, Forston. The aims of the group remain the same:

  • Recording plants and updating records of plant species within Dorset;
  • Providing a focus and point of contact for botanists working within the county;
  • Encouraging study of the Dorset flora, and helping people to learn more;
  • Supporting the BSBI vice county recorders, particularly with species of critical interest.

For the purposes of the group ’flora’ is defined as Vascular Plants, Bryophytes, Lichens, Marine Algae and Fungi.

The DFG maintains an active programme of events including field trips, training days and Dorset Wildflower Week alongside a number of projects. Meetings are open to all; members receive advance notice of the programme via email or post. Find out more about the group on the Dorset Flora Group's dedicated page under the Local Groups menu item.

The County Recorder for vascular plants is Robin Walls

Wessex Bryology Group

Common Tamarisk-moss - Thuidium tamariscinum

Common Tamarisk-moss
Thuidium tamariscinum

Photo: Bryan Edwards

This is a new group that has been set up to record sites in Wiltshire, Dorset, and parts of Somerset. A key aim of the group is to encourage those who are new to the subject to become more experienced and confident at identifying bryophytes. There is no formal membership or constitution and each person goes out at his/her own risk. Beginners are always very welcome; the only equipment needed is a hand lens (x10 or x20) and some paper packets for collecting specimens. Many of the sites we plan to visit include wet and muddy areas so boots are advisable. We will usually eat a packed lunch on site. All meetings start at 10.30am and finish between 3pm and 4pm.

More details on the group can be found on the Wessex Bryology Group's dedicated page under the Local Groups menu item.

DFG contacts

For further information please contact:


Jon Crewe (Chairman)


Robin Walls (Vice-county Recorder)


Carolyn Steele (DERC)

Wessex Bryology Group contacts

For further information on the Wessex Bryology Group please contact:


Andrew Branson or
Sharon Pilkington

E-mail: or


Andrew: 01747 838223
Sharon: 01225 775945