Sending In Your Records

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These forms can be downloaded and printed. Please complete and send to DERC. You can complete them electronically and save them on your own computer before printing them, or you may print them and fill them in by hand.

Sending In Your Records

Myathropa florea

Myathropa florea

Photo: Andrew Philpott

During 2011 DERC have introduced Living Record as an online recording system for Dorset. If you would like to know more, click on Living Record on the top menu.

If you are not yet ready for online recording, DERC will continue to welcome records provided on recording forms or in Excel spreadsheets, see General Recording Information opposite.

Whether you send data to DERC, a local recording group or Living Record, please only submit your records once to avoid duplication. If you are sending your data to a national recording project (except via Living Record) DERC would appreciate a copy of your data.

How DERC May Use Your Records

It is assumed that records are sent to DERC on the understanding that the information provided by the recorder / compiler / determiner will be entered onto a computerised database and may be used for nature conservation, research, education or be available to the general public. The information remains the intellectual property of the recorder/compiler/determiner at all times.

General Recording Information

If you would like to become one of the hundreds of people who regularly send data to DERC, or if you have an exciting find you would like to report, the following notes should help.

All records must include the following information:

  • Your (or the recorder’s) name
  • contact address
  • grid reference (where possible to 6 figs). OS maps include information on how to read the grid reference
  • location name – or a description of the location if you cannot provide a grid reference
  • date
  • species name

In addition any comments on the flowering stage, number of plants, habitat, age class and if the species was seen, heard, caught in a moth trap, found dead etc. are all useful.

Records can be sent: